Kramer Control – Taking Full Control Of Your Office

By August 3, 2018News

AV Control and managing projects is a scary task! Well, at least it used to be until the Kramer Control came on to the scene.

For those who don’t know, control is exactly what the word means. It is the process of controlling any system in your workplace. What goes on and when.

Having such amazing control over everything, what made control so daunting? Back in the day in order to control your office and the AV equipment within, you needed a large physical control, which required custom coding. This was very expensive while the outcome was not guaranteed, often resulted in errors and needed a lot of hands-on fixes.

Enter Kramer Control

And take a bow, you have truly changed the game. The entire world has stated it’s move to cloud-based technologies. But very few have made the leap as eloquently as Kramer has. Kramer has taken something that in the past required serious infrastructure and money and has made it something easy to use and accessible to all.


Everything thing The Kramer Control Can do

This list is far from exhaustive. The control has a list of possibilities that would stretch far beyond the lines of this post. However, we will try to give you a basic list of all the things the control can, well, control.

In our world, the world of AV, it can control almost anything.

It’s in the AV sphere where it really shines. With so many technical moving parts, it really can be daunting. It like a whole different language, one that only a select few seem to know. But Kramer brings us in on the secret with their drag and drop automation. It takes all that fancy code and turns it into a really clean and easy to use interface.

Really, It Can Do Everything!

With this intuitive system, you can control all the facets of your AV atmosphere. From al the audio components (speakers, amplifiers and receivers) to the Video side of things (screens, monitors, projectors and on.). Accordingly, you can easily boost collaboration and automate almost every part of your office, such as the lights, aircon, security, this list goes on

And the really confusing stuff, such as switches, routers, converters, extenders, repeaters and the rest of the words ending in ‘er’. The list goes on, but we think you get the point. If it can be automated, it can be controlled. If it can be controlled, Kramer is the best way to do it

The AV Planner’s Touch

We get it! All the moving parts of a proper audio-visual experience may seem a bit scary. We are there to help you with any questions you may have.

To find out more about the Kramer control, give us a call at 213-493-6473 or if email is your thing, drop us a line at