The Must-Have Collaboration Tool for Laptop Users – Devio by Biamp Solutions

By May 24, 2016News, Reviews
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BIAMP_DEVIO 4Just because you’re meeting in a smaller space than say a full size conference room, shouldn’t mean you need to compromise on quality. Biamp, a leading provider of state-of-the-art media systems has launched Devio, an innovative an versatile solution that makes huddle room collaboration quick and easy, but doesn’t skimp on quality, especially where it counts such as with audio. We caught up with Michael Bucklin, Area Manager for Biamp Systems who filled us in on some key components in Devio , which is quickly becoming the must have tool, for collaboration spaces.

‘‘The technology is designed so that it doesn’t require any training.’’ says Michael ‘‘All you need to know as an end user is working your own computer and how to connect a USB cable, and everybody is more or less comfortable doing that.’’

You could say that’s generally what people do anyway, plug in an HDMI cable for video, then join a web based meeting or jump on a group telephone call through a speakerphone–Now, hold on a second, that sounds easy enough, picture quality is great but, the most important part of the meeting to is be heard, and this is exactly where it gets interesting with Devio

See, Devio comes in two parts, the first being the Devio DTM-1, an 8 element beam forming tabletop microphone, which as Michael explains is, ‘‘Basically beam forming technology uses multiple microphones and software processing to focus and follow the voice of a person speaking’’ the Devio actually tracks and mixes the conversation around the table having full 360-degree coverage of the space.



But it doesn’t end there; the second component is the Devio CR-1 which is the interface box, ‘‘ Inside we’re performing the processing for the DTM-1 using the built in AEC technology, canceling any echoes or unwanted noise present in the room.’’ explains Michael. It also includes Devio’s AGC (Automatic Gain Control) so no one is overpowered, it automatically adjusts quiet or loud voices to be heard at a uniform level.

And, there’s more, ‘‘ Additionally it provides connectivity for the other technology and devices in the huddle room such as flat panel displays,

USB cameras or speakers’’ says Michael. That’s right, you can control all the devices in your room, sure beats an HDMI cable right?

There are various set ups you can have from audio conferencing, to using the Devio to bridge phone connections, or connecting to one or more displays for video conferencing. It also works with most web based conferencing solutions such as Microsoft Skype for Business, Lync, Citrix GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx and Google Hangouts among others.

It’s the most convenient way to extend your laptop into the huddle room, and its available now. Interested in learning more? Give us a call at 800-409-3587 or fill out the contact form below:

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