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Kramer Control – Taking Full Control Of Your Office

AV Control and managing projects is a scary task! Well, at least it used to be until the Kramer Control came on to the scene. For those who don’t know, control is exactly what the word means. It is the process of controlling any system...
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QSC Q-SYS – A Fully Integrated Audio, Video and Control Platform

Once in a while, a solution comes along which benefits a specific niche of the AV market. An innovative webcam, a powerful control, a remarkable screen and so on. However, this time it’s something that benefits the entire AV ecosystem. Meet the GSC Q-SYS, an...
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Wireless Privacy, Encryption, and Safety in a BYOD World

Wireless Privacy, Encryption, and Safety in a BYOD World As wireless collaboration tools become the norm in conference and meeting rooms, ensuring privacy and security between guest and corporate owned devices and installed AV systems has become a topic of concern. Leading manufactures such as...