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The PixiePro by SP Controls

It’s an everyday experience for students to sit quietly while their lecturer fumbles with the various wires at the podium, trying to get their presentation loaded on to the screen. Or for seminar leaders to struggle with the various buttons in front of them.  On...
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The smaller, smarter huddle space by Crestron

Just because it’s a smaller space, doesn’t mean it can’t be a smarter space. Take a look inside the fully equipped Crestron huddle room. PinPoint (PP-100) location beacon For iPhone and iPad users, use the Crestron PinPoint app to book a meeting area. The software...
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About AV Planners

AV Planners is a full-service audio-visual and technology systems integrator serving business, education and other verticals. We take pride in providing reliable AV systems, but we’re much more than an integrator of audio-visual and collaboration solutions. We have more than 50 years of combined experience...
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QSC Q-SYS – A Fully Integrated Audio, Video and Control Platform

Once in a while, a solution comes along which benefits a specific niche of the AV market. An innovative webcam, a powerful control, a remarkable screen and so on. However, this time it’s something that benefits the entire AV ecosystem. Meet the GSC Q-SYS, an...