QSC Q-SYS – A Fully Integrated Audio, Video and Control Platform

By August 29, 2018News

Once in a while, a solution comes along which benefits a specific niche of the AV market. An innovative webcam, a powerful control, a remarkable screen and so on. However, this time it’s something that benefits the entire AV ecosystem. Meet the GSC Q-SYS, an integrated audio, video and control platform.

Some Background, Please.

We are certain that you’re used to seeing a whole range of AV equipment In your workspace, or any workspace for that reason. These products come from different brands, countries and installation specialists. So how do you make sure that they all work in tandem, providing you with a perfect audio and visual atmosphere? In the past, that would require some hefty work, requiring the skills of specialized technicians and AV engineers. They would write code specific to those products and the specific room they were used in.

This is problematic, it was very expensive and corporations were unable to scale it to meet growth demands. Additionally, it would be very expensive and almost impossible to create a uniform AV experience across an entire experience.

Then along came QSC.

Their Q-SYS platform aims to fix this industry-wide issue. It is able to connect audio and video from a range of different sources, as well as integrate all your hardware into one flawless experience.  For the sake of time, we will concentrate on it’s three most impressive and important functions.

The Audio Part

Great audio is vital to any respectable AV setup. Dropped called and “can you hear me nows” are amateur. The Q-SYS makes sure everything is heard perfectly. It has acoustic echo cancellation as well as native support for almost every digital and analog audio format. That means it can handle any of your pre-existing audio sources and integrate them into your new all-in-one environment.

The Visual Part

Same goes for video, I mean visual is literally part of the word audiovisual. Having fantastic video allows for fantastic meetings. The Q-SYS ensures of that. It can handle almost every video solution, such as Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting and on. It can incorporate networked cameras and end points, at the same time provides a single platform for in-rack PC, BYOD and interactive whiteboards.

Control it all

We speak a lot about controls, and there are really great ones on the market. This one is special as it includes it’s audio and video capabilities. With it, you can control screens and meetings. It also makes it easy for your in-house tech team to manage and customize. Doing away with they hard, exhaustive coding of the past which required specialized engineers and a lot of money.

See It In Action

As industry insiders, we can confidently say that this system is truly remarkable. It allows us to standardize conference and huddle rooms. It can handle almost any existing hardware you may have. And last but most definitely not least,  it makes it easier to incorporate any future upgrades or additions to your AV setup. If you would like to see the Q-SYS in action get in touch with us. 

We have a fully operational system in one of our office in Huntington Beach, CA, where we are happy to host demos or simply be on the far end of a call so customers can hear and see the equipment in action. To set this up, email us at info@avplanners.com or call us on 213-493-6473.