Streamline Temperature Detection With Thermal Cameras

By May 21, 2020News

Corporate America is itching to reopen amid stay-at-home and shelter-in-place restrictions due to COVID-19. As many states begin to reopen following expanded testing, improved treatment options and vaccine developments, corporations are scrambling to install temperature-detection systems to keep themselves, employees and others safe. 

A standard infrared thermometer gun can determine if an individual is unwell, but it requires individuals to stand near other individuals (within six feet, which goes against social distancing guidelines) and can create a backlog if there’s a mass group of individuals entering a building. Tech companies throughout the world are pivoting to create sophisticated temperature-detection systems to track and identify those who may be suspected unwell. Public-health experts have eluded that the new systems might become as common as a metal detector. And corporate offices are just one example of an application for fever-screening systems. 

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) may start screening airline passengers for fevers while passing through airport security. Higher education institutions, houses of worship and sporting arenas are other examples of common applications that could also deploy fever-screening systems. 

With companies racing to market with the latest temperature-detection technology, it can be difficult and confusing to find the best solution. At AV Planners, we’re highlighting two noncontact temperature-measuring systems available: 

Athena’s Temperature Detection System
Athena Security is familiar with AI-driven surveillance technology — its Gun Detection System easily detects handguns and long guns in real time and shares immediate alerts via mobile devices to
protect employees and students from active-shooter situations. Athena Security is utilizing its surveillance technology in its latest device, the
Elevated Temperature Detection System, to provide noninvasive, noncontact and fast-elevated temperature detection. The Elevated Temperature Detection System identifies the hottest point on the face near the eyes, called the inner canthus, and ignores hot objects on the person, such as a cell phone or hot coffee. The highly accurate system can determine a temperature within 0.3 degrees Celsius and 0.6 degrees Fahrenheit while automatically calibrating based on ambient temperature conditions. 

We spoke with Chris Ciabarra, co-founder of Athena Security, to learn more about the driving force behind the company’s latest product. “We recognized the need for temperature detection in December 2019. In January, we acted quickly as our platform was built and ready to plug in new capabilities, like temperature detection,” explained Ciabarra. “It was perfect timing, as we just finished the big five integrations. Our mission for this product is to help save lives. My co-founder, Lisa Falzone, and I wanted to help as much as we could during this time. It was a perfect-timing situation once again.”

OneScreen’s GoSafe Body Temperature and Facial Recognition Scanner
The OneScreen GoSafe Body Temperature and Facial Recognition Scanner is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor to deliver the fastest, most secure biometric scan. The GoSafe scanner can prevent people with an elevated temperature, or those without a mask, from entering a facility while supporting 30,000 faces in a single database. It takes less than a few seconds for detection with 99% accuracy. The GoSafe scanner management platform shows statistics from the day, including recognized and guest faces, and allows remote access to send messages and security alerts to each device. Available as a tabletop stand, vertical stand or wall-mounted display, the GoSafe scanner’s 8-inch IPS full-view LCD display can fit into a variety of spaces. 

Sufian Munir, chief executive officer of OneScreen, shared with us the differentiators between GoSafe and other temperature-detection cameras. He said, “In this new world we live in, where there is so much uncertainty, GoSafe can reduce risks and reestablish trust for people returning to their lives in public spaces. Unlike other temperature-driven access control devices coming to the market, GoSafe offers the quickest, most secure scan along with live video assistance, centralized device and attendance management, as well as free, unlimited help and training.”

Athena’s Temperature Detection System and OneScreen’s GoSafe Body Temperature and Facial Recognition Scanner are only two of the latest temperature-detection systems. Aurora and Glory Star have partnered to develop the TAURI Temperature-Check Tablet. Meanwhile, InReality announced a suite of Safe Space Solutions, including its Thermal Mirror, a fever-scanning solution.

Airports, sporting arenas and higher education facilities can utilize a temperature-detection system paired with digital signage to provide instructions for entering the building, mask requirements or social distancing protocols. Or, for corporate applications, a temperature-detection system can be configured with Crestron’s room-scheduling platform to garner access to a meeting room once someone has been cleared through the temperature detector. 

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