T1V and Leyard – A Partnership of Giants

By August 22, 2018News, Press

We love T1V and we have never been shy about it. The fact of the matter is that they make phenomenal AV technology.  We even just released an article about their fantastic ThinkHub and IdeaHub solutions. But this post is special. Something big has happened.

Before that, we need to introduce you to Leyard and Planar. The market leaders in LED Video Walls, LCD Video Walls and Large Format Displays. For years they have developed display solution based on what consumers really need. Putting emphasis on the features that are important to the user.

We have always believed that hardware has to complement software and vice versa. This partnership does exactly that.

What Makes This Partnership So Special?

Those in the industry know that planar and T1V have always worked brilliantly together. Now It’s official. The two AV giants now offer bundled solutions which combine T1V’s collaboration prowess with Leyard and Planar Video Wall excellence. As Adam Schmidt, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Leyard and Planar puts it “ We have worked with TIV for years and we are confident that our products work together to be the solution our customers need.” Clearly, the two companies know what the AV consumer market truly needs.

What This Means For You

Isn’t it great when everything works together in tandem? Until now, we were only able to do as John Lennon did – imagine. Then this marriage came along. It benefits all AV Consumers, from enterprise to education and on. Combining the ultra-crisp displays, with T1Vs range of features, such as online team collaboration, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) technology.

Above Planar’s traditional wall displays,  floor mounted and wall mounted configurations will also be available. Furthermore, If the out of the box solution isn’t quite what you are looking for, T1V offers semi-customizable solutions for further enhancement of the product.

Let Us Hook You Up

To find out how to get this solution installation your workplace, or for a whole range of AV solutions, get in touch with us. Simply drop us a line at info@avplanners.com or ring us at 213-493-6473.