Crestron Sound Bar
In the midst of COVID-19 quarantining and safer-at-home mandates, companies have had to make a whiplash-quick change to remote work. Now, it’s time to start planning for the future. When employees are able to safely make it back into the office and start working together in person, will all of your workspaces still look the same?
The group huddle room will likely be one of the first spaces to reopen as a link between remote conferencing and in-person collaboration. Set yourself up for success and make sure that your office is equipped with the best devices. These quiet, collaborative spaces are the perfect place for remote conferencing, but only with the right technology to facilitate seamless discussions on both sides of the screen.
As your trusted audio-visual consultant, we have compiled a list of the most essential devices for your Zoom video conferencing room. You can eliminate connectivity hiccups and increase productivity with these four must-have Zoom room upgrades:
1. Large Display
Bring remote workers and consultants into the conversation. AV planners recommend a spacious 46 to 75-inch display in order to create a more realistic video conferencing space that puts all participants on an even playing field.
Make sure to streamline your huddle space by focusing conversations toward the screen. The large display will be most effective at the head of a round, kidney-shaped, or rectangular table. If your huddles typically connect more virtual colleagues than the number of people present in the room, you may also consider installing a dual monitor.
2. Smart Sound Bar
Focus on the conversation and don’t let background noise stop your flow. Look for a device with seamless audio-visual integration, like the Crestron Smart Sound Bar. Install the sound bar on your wall directly under the display so that your remote colleagues can hear and see everything.
At the most basic level, a smart sound bar should improve audio quality by cancelling echo and amplifying voices. Adaptive beam technology can also pinpoint and pick up audio from a single speaker up to 23 feet away! Crestron’s line of smart sound bars goes a step further by equipping the built-in HD camera with auto-focus, auto-zoom, and people counting features.
3. Computer NUC
Install a mini PC behind your display screen to connect with Zoom. A computer NUC makes it easy for anyone to access video conferencing tools and connect to a call in seconds. With an NUC, you can continue to get more work done in your Zoom huddle space with flexible, quick meetings and brainstorm sessions.
4. Acoustic Panels
Was your huddle space built for video conferencing? Thoughtful acoustical engineering can help eliminate echo and support clear, crisp sound quality. High windows and hard floors can often pose a problem, even for huddle rooms with a smart sound bar that combats echo.
Acoustic wall titles and hanging baffles are effective options to diffuse and absorb reverberations. Of course, adding upholstered furniture and rugs can also deliver some of the same benefits with a stylish upgrade.

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