Wireless Privacy, Encryption, and Safety in a BYOD World

By January 19, 2016AV Equipment, News

Wireless Privacy, Encryption, and Safety in a BYOD World

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As wireless collaboration tools become the norm in conference and meeting rooms, ensuring privacy and security between guest and corporate owned devices and installed AV systems has become a topic of concern. Leading manufactures such as Creston and Kramer have made it a priority to create dependable technology to address this issue.

Crestron – AirMedia

Most weakness are due to the vulnerabilities in web browsers and servers, which Crestron equipment generally limits, when needed, they use industry standard SSL encryption as well as built-in web browsers. Also, their systems are specially put together to limit man-in-the-middle attacks, which is where an attacker relays messages between the victims while they believe to be talking directly over a private connection.

Crestron also disables unused ports making the system invisible to network scans while allowing common ports to be moved and hidden, preventing unauthorized connections.

Control systems can only be accessed with the specific IP address, user name and password as well as specific port number. Crestron’s consistency in updating their firmware, software and apps in order to stay ahead of possible susceptibilities further emphasizes their commitment to security.

Kramer – VIA Connect PRO

Kramer has also implemented rigorous security measures to ensure privacy. The VIA Connect PRO features a strict user authentication process where a moderator can grant participant permissions as needed.

So what about encryption? Encryption has been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians, Mayans, and Greeks who would encode messages into what seems like a meaningless format to avoid unauthorized access to information… and it’s basically the same principle we use with data today.

The strength of encryption is also an important factor, and it’s why Kramer equips its solution with 1024-bit encryption of all content and dynamic room codes used to block unauthorized access to meetings.

The ability to host various gadgets in a BYOD setting to upload to the cloud, or transfer files to others, all while establishing a reliable connection between control systems is a must have, and when AV Planners sets up a conference room, we seek solutions that are safe, secure and reliable using dependable technology

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