There’s no wonder, zoom room video conferencing solution has completely changed the way businesses conduct meetings. Are you using video conferencing at your company? Are you in the hunt for a new solution or wondering where to begin? If so, then you are in the right place.

Over the past two decades, companies have spotted a rebellion in communication efficiency. In bygone days, people have to commute for conferences or attend unexciting office meetings. As a result, businesses experience losses as their employees have to take time off their work schedules or workplaces along with incurred accommodation and travel costs.

With the research demonstrating that hotel and flight prices will ascend by 3.7% and 2.6% respectively, it is no surprise that both small and large businesses are leveraging digital solutions.

Communication resources such as video conference calls have improved convenience, enhanced productivity while saving organizations money and time.

First Thing’s First

Understanding Video Conferencing

Similar to teleconferencing, a video conference lets you connect with multiple clients or colleagues at the same time through audio and visual communication. This is generally operated over a broadband network. Currently, there are quite a decent number of tools offering free video conferencing solutions. Video conferencing has several advantages. It eradicates time and space barriers, thus enabling clients or employees in different countries to connect and make wise decisions quickly.

In comparison to audio calls, video conferencing solution offers the distinct advantage of non-verbal communication, which is significant to effective communication.

Web-based or Room-based Video Conferencing

When you research “video conferencing” technologies, you will probably come across web-based technology and room-based technology. The key difference between web-based and room-based video conferencing is that the former is software dependent while later one is hardware dependent. The good news is that many video conferencing tools are capable of utilizing both the systems.

If an organization is using web-based video conferencing, then anyone participating in the business meeting, conference or presentation needs to install software to their system. On the other hand, room-based video conferencing technology is hardware dependent and is for organizations planning on hosting presentations or video meetings from a set location. Moreover, the hardware needed for conferencing to work is set up in one area, for instance, a conference room or huddle room.

Imagine starting a video meeting in the conference room with a click of a button. Savvy evolving companies already benefit from this via Zoom Rooms. However, still, many are left wondering about what is Zoom Room? So, let’s talk about it first…



What is Zoom?

Zoom is the maker of the leading video web conferencing software platform. The software can be utilized for video conferring, webinars, chat and audio conferencing. Zoom software can be utilized with desktop computers, telephones, mobile devices, laptops, and Zoom Rooms.

According to the 2019 state of video conferencing report, it is demonstrated that companies prefer Zoom for its quick setup and ease-of-use. Zoom software has plenty of different features and one of the well-known is Zoom Rooms.

Understanding Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms are physical conference room software and hardware technology, making meetings start seamlessly and straightforwardly. They are set up through physical hardware to operate Zoom meetings with one-click of a button on a tablet. All of the audio and video is integrated into the conference room tool and calendar systems.

In short, Zoom Rooms enables one-tap meeting start, effortless screen sharing and a lot more.

Zoom and Its Key Features

Zoom is an advanced option packed with several features like HD voice, HD quality video, etc. It supports to operate with all kinds of operating system such as Linux, Mac, ChromeBook, Android,  Windows and iOS  Some other features like Mp4 recording, Outlook plug-in, and Google Chrome are here. It utilizes hybrid cloud services enhancing service quality.

Zoom supports to chat via desktop, iPad, tab, laptop, PC, mobile, etc. That’s why the zoom room video conferencing solution used by +300,000 businesses each day.

If we talk about the zoom’s specialty, then it is technically updated, convenient, more efficient and easy to access. In fact, the zoom room is the most popular and trusted video conferencing software fulfilling every business requirement.

The significance of every inch in video conferencing

Indeed, the world’s popular job website with over twenty offices all over the globe has remarkable enthusiasm to offer its employees with better remote collaboration tools that are easy to use and drive the ultimate virtual meeting experience possible. Besides employing over 8,900 workers, the company stands to take advantage of space-optimizing designs, which include the trendy huddle room. Utilizing a video conference solution with an outside partner that used a new camera technology, the company witness it could enhance collaboration as well as space utilization.

The new camera utilizes a distinct three-lens design as well as real-time video stitching concepts to record a 180-degree view, enabling participants for the conference to be seated inches from the camera and yet be shown on screen without cutoffs. This allows the utilization of smaller rooms for video conferencing without compromising the on-screen visibility of accomplices. Following an assessment period, Indeed claimed that new camera to be superlative and over the period of a year installed them in nearly 700 conference and huddle rooms.

The average huddle room of the Indeed is approximately 10-foot X 10-foot and incorporates two wall-mounted flat panel displays to enable simultaneous screen sharing and video conferencing. Most importantly, the company uses the famous Zoom collaboration tool for reliability and consistency. As the number of companies using freelancers or remote workers, top-notch virtual collaboration spaces are more essential than ever before.

Therefore, workspace designers with “forward-thinking” must equip themselves with the advanced and latest technologies to allow seamless and simple virtual collaboration, offering effectiveness like in-person meetings.

As you can now see that having an appealing conference room to conduct your business meetings is an integral part of your organization’s growth.

Ignoring the importance of a conference room could make you experience worse consequences, mostly in terms of collaboration.

The significance of multi-panel video walls

There is no doubt that every workplace is created differently. In some offices, a minor delay in sharing the info or communication can make a big difference in the end results.

As the workspace where local emergency services manage multi-department responses to natural disasters, and other emergencies, the workplace is a mission-critical environment in which every technology and tool must operate 100% and always. Therefore, one of the key functions of such workspaces is to aggregate all available info to help make a wise decision. That’s why it is no wonder that a recent updation from a projector to a 20-panel LCD video wall has modified how quick employees can accumulate and see various video feeds.

Video feeds usually include national and local weather reports, live maps and local news. By showing each and everything at the same time on a bright display visible from any corner, every member can stay up to date and engage to make better decisions on time.

Above all, the room’s design didn’t have to modify and all credit goes to the utilization of high-end LCD panels providing outstanding off-axis viewing as well as color reproduction. Therefore, even if the employees are sitting anywhere to the side of the video wall can view and keep themselves updated. Besides emergency response centers or organizations, multi-panel video walls can help in corporate meetings, collaboration sessions and multi-site video conferences where members need to check multiple sources of info at a time.

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