As every business should, we pride ourselves on our clients. In our case, this is an easy feat, we have remarkable clients. We especially love bragging about those whose products and history are equally terrific. And with that introduction, we’d like you to meet Hanmi Bank.

Hanmi Bank was established in 1982 to aid the growing Korean-American community with their banking needs. Since then, Hanmi Bank has grown exponentially. They have the fastest growing presence of any Korean-American bank in the USA. Including more branches in California than any other Korean-American bank. Through its forty branches across nine states, Hanmi Bank provides a full range of banking services to minorities and multi-ethnic communities.

The Mission

Hanmi Bank headquarters are in Los Angeles, and that’s where our adventure begins. They approached AV Planners to update their AV system in their headquarters, with a special focus on the upgrading and automating of their boardroom.

The boardroom of a bank which has 40 locations needs to be equipped with the highest quality audio visual equipment in order to be able to communicate and delegate instructions to their various offices.  

The Result

To begin with, we had to remove any outdated or difficult-to-use equipment. We then furnished the boardroom with a top of the line 80” flat screen LED Smart TV. Adding to that, we installed and system engineered an Epson projector into their boardroom. Thus, giving Hanmi bank a full range of collaboration and connectivity options.

But ‘visuals’ is only one part of a proper audiovisual installation. To make sure everyone involved in a meeting is heard with utmost clarity, we installed 10 Revolabs (a Yamaha company) adapters, to transform their existing wireless microphone setup into a wired microphone system. We then had to connect the new microphone system, new amplifier and new flat screen display to a central equipment rack.

Understandably, with such a comprehensive overhaul of their microphone and control system, there were alot of cables and cords which required neat wiring to the control unit which allowed users to manage the volume levels of all or each mic.

Our journey ended with properly instructing the relevant parties on how to use the equipment. Especially with the newly installed IR remote, efficiently, and in a way which maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime.

The AV Planners Way

We don’t believe in taking shortcuts or giving anything but our all. We put our clients first and work around the clock to make sure they are happy. If you would like to join the list of happy clients, or simply have a chat about an AV solution that may work for you, give us a call on 213-493-6473 or drop us a line at