Here at AV Planners, we don’t mind travelling for projects and installations. However, this solution was for a company close to home. Introducing Greenbridge Investment Partners, a Beverly Hills based real estate management and development company. One of Greenbridge’s goals is to take underachieving projects and transform them into world class properties As they focus on turnkey real estate solutions, they expected the same from AV Planners.

The Project

Greenbridge tuned our focus to their latest construction project, a fast food hall called FOOD. This space would host a range of fast food restaurants, specializing in modern fast and casual dining experiences. FOOD is situated in the centre of Koreatown, Los Angeles, a diverse, up and coming, area, which is known for its vibrant nightlife and exciting restaurant scene.

When they began construction on this project, they envisioned a space complete with surround sound that can be easily controlled from a smartphone or tablet. They reached out to us as we have experience working on ongoing construction sites, ensuring the AV equipment is up and running, flawlessly, from the get-go.

The Solution

Our first step in any audio based project is to ensure the client has high-quality speakers. In this case, we installed twenty-four Crestron Saros speakers, varying in size and power. Each positioned strategically to create the perfect auditory environment.

Next, we had to connect the speakers to amplifiers and a digital sound monitor. This is to make sure each part of the music they wanted to play is always balanced and at the correct volume.

Lastly, Greenbridge needed a system that is incredibly easy to control. Accordingly, anyone should be able to control the system from their phone or tablet. To enable this, we connected their speakers to a Sonos CONNECT. This is an intermediary device which streams wireless audio to almost any speaker configuration. Subsequently, we set up each user with the correct apps that allow them to control and mix the music.

The Results

The end result at FOOD astonished us and Greenbridge. A top of the line, user-friendly, sound system. Everyone found the sound quality amazing and commented on how easy it was to use and control with. 

Let Us Do The Same For You

We get very excited by the idea of working on projects from the ground up. We have years of experience working on active construction sites, alongside construction teams. Get in touch with us for a quote on an AV solution for your office or any project you are embarking on. Give us a call at  213-493-6473 or email us on