At AV Planners, we specialize in helping a vast array of companies with their audiovisual needs. From startups to large corporations or retails, we have the solution for each.  One such company is the Kobalt Music Group, a large music group that has taken the music industry by storm.

Meet Kobalt

Kobalt Music Group jolted the music industry to its core. Founded in 2000, Kobalt set out to combat the prevailing state of affairs between artists, producers and publishers. At the time, artists had no way to keep track of their commissions and had no transparency when it came to their earnings.

Kobalt Music Publishing, Label Services, and Neighboring Rights divisions each offer an alternative to the traditional music business model. Thus, empowering artists, songwriters, publishers and labels with advanced technology, transparency, flexibility, ownership and control. Kobalt employs over 450 people across their ten offices, worldwide. They represent over 8,000 artists and songwriters providing them with real-time, powerful, transparent reporting through their award-winning Kobalt Portal.

Our Challenge

Kobalt reached out to us as they were expanding their Los Angeles office. They wanted to upgrade their current Audio Video setup. They were in need of an audiovisual solution that allowed all their employees, across their various locations, to interact and collaborate more efficiently.

For such an advanced company, Kobalt’s previous setup was fairly basic. They were using Zoom for their desktop video conferencing. They needed to incorporate this into their group conference meeting rooms, boardrooms and executive offices. In order to save on costs, they wanted us to integrate their existing equipment into a high functioning collaborative setup. Above all, it was important to Kobalt that we complete their installation within a short timeline, in order not to infringe upon their office routines.

The Plan of Action

We first set out in upgrading their current conference rooms using some of their existing monitors, cameras and speakers. However, they were still in need of a few high-def monitors, microphones and speakers. They needed all participants to be able to hear and see clearly, and for this, they needed a truly curated, immersive AV environment.

Creating the Perfect Audiovisual Environment

To make their vision a reality, we installed a turnkey conference solution in their boardroom as well as in their executive offices. We installed HD Monitors on adjustable mounts, PTZ cameras, sound engineered speakers and high def external mics. Additionally, we kitted out their theatre room with a top of the line ceiling mounted projector and a 85” LCD Samsung display.

As with any of our installations, we made sure that the wiring was hidden as possible and all the audio visual equipment was unobtrusive. We made sure that everything was easy to access, use and promoted efficiency and productivity.

“AV Planners have been amazing to us here at Kobalt. We had a huge project that needed AV equipment for multiple rooms we were short on time, but AV Planners worked hard to help us reach our deadline. They were so accommodating with helping us set up the quotes and made it easy to see what we were going to get. The work was professional and done impressively quick. They also recommended a mic/speaker that our president loved (being in the music biz, he cares a lot about sound). So I would highly recommend AV Planners for any professional AV setups. We’ll definitely be calling them back.”

Henry Choi, IT Support Engineer

We Can Do the Same For You

AV Planners treats all of our installations with the utmost dedication from a simple huddle space to a large enterprise roll out in multiple locations. If you are looking to upgrade your current AV setup or install a new one to maximize collaboration and ensure great meetings, please get in touch with us. Give us a call on  213-493-6473 or drop us a line at